BAD ENERGY / BAD SIDE SPLIT 7" is now available for purchase! You can also grab the new Bad Side 'Everybody Wants Something From Me' 7" (Nervous Habit records) from our shop, as well.
For details, including wholesale & distribution rates, Click Here! For individual sales, just visit our store. Link above.


Bad Energy / Bad Side Split 7" is in and just about ready for release on Sept 6th, @ Wolf Cycles. After which, Bad Side leaves for a 16 day tour of the United States. The records will be available for purchase online, from us, in or around Sept. 6th.

Ultrathin records are gone. The band still has copies. is all out.
Dopestroke EPs are down to the last 50 copies. Gone.
The $hit & $hine singles are running low.
Get 'em gone!